10.13.2016 Emergency, South bay, CA

Case Count: 3

Back to the grind. The move-in is finally complete! Midway through unpacking, we lamented the apparent lack of progress to one of Heather's friends who cheerfully chirped, "No worries! Moving always looks worse and worse and worse and then suddenly you're done!" Totally accurate. We put up the last of our wall-hangings (some street-art I got when I lived in Amsterdam), and the place just snapped into focus. There are tweaks to be made, but we have a home. Warm.

Cases of the Day

Geriatric Yellow Lab
Status epilepticus
     Last thing after a slow night, just about to start locking up, a gentleman brought in his dog that had been actively seizuring for at least an hour. The dog reportedly had been on anti-seizure medications for several years with seizures every few months, then every few weeks, then every few days, then many a day over the past few days. There was reportedly much discussion in the household about when to euthanize, but we were able to do so right away and let this poor guy rest. The good news from a suffering standpoint is that during a generalized, or gan mal, seizure, disorganized electrical impulses flood the entire brain and cause a complete lack of consciousness. An hour-long seizure is difficult to come back from, and the history of increasing seizures in the face of treatment made euthanasia the very clear and immediate option. This is one of those moments where I know that euthanasia is my best medicine, that I did good, that, despite the sadness, I helped.