10.23.2016 Emergency, South Bay, CA

Case Count: 7


Nice drop in pace, but a very eventful shift nonetheless. The cutest case(s) was/were two poofy lap dogs who got into some chocolate truffles while their owners were away. At least, it was assumed they both did it, because "they share everything." Really cute dogs who did not appreciate being made to vomit. Wrappers and fragrant chocolate puke from both. Two more lives saved

Favorite Quotes

  • "Yes, if you're unable to stop the bleeding, then you should come in now rather than wait until your regular vet opens tomorrow."

Case of the Day

3yo male IntactYorkie/Chihuahua mix
Multiple drug intoxication
     I suspected this was another meth case when I walked in the room and the dog was repetitively stretching his neck and then spinning in a circle. I was right...but that's not all. Somehow, this tiny dog got into enough meth, cocaine, oxycontin, and THC to test positive and still survive. The meth effects were most obvious and longest-lasting. Oxycontin usually wears off in around 8-12 hours, THC in 12-24, meth can take longer. Two meth cases in 24 hours...what a weekend.

Moving so fast, every picture was blurry.