10.28.2016 Emergency, South Bay, CA

Case Count: 6


Four shifts in a row is tough. Four shifts in a row over Halloween weekend could get VERY rough. So far, so good, though. No meth cases yet <yay face>. Unfortunately, though, I did have two euthanasias <sad face>. On a happier note, my coworker's mother brought some leftovers from an office pot-luck <tamale face>.

Go watch the show Look Around You. You'll thank me. Don't learn anything about it ahead of time. 


Favorite Quotes

  • "Thanks, ants. Thants."
  • "If you've ever written with a calcium nib, or looked through a calcium lens, it probably came from Holland."
  • "Helvetica Scenario."

Case of the Day

1-month-old female intact Terrier mix
THC intoxication
     Tiny little dog got into some pot. She ended up fine. Cutie-patootie.