10.29.2016 Emergency, South Bay, CA

NOTE: Wound repair description and pics in "Case of the Day" section

Case Count: 5

Emergency practice is not ALWAYS serious business.

This is the first week Heather and I have been on opposite schedules. It sucks. She started a real 9-5 tech job that's crazy fascinating (ask her, it boggles my mind), which I'm so proud of and so excited about....BUT....now I miss my woman all the time. I got lots of stuff done around the house, though :( 

I had a really fun time talking vet school shenanigans with one of my colleagues who graduated 35 years ago. My my, how much more...permissive...the education system was. Sorry, no details to share. We're professionals. I swear. 

Case of the Day

13yo male neutered Shepherd mix
     This elderly gent sat on an outdoor lawn light fixture. A glass one. Being about a hundred pounds, the dog won, but the fixture got its revenge in the form of a deep laceration on the back of the dog's leg. This was complicated by the fact that he had severe arthritis and wears a harness for assistance rising and walking. Even under the best of circumstances, he resents the pokes and prods of veterinarians, which I completely respect, but which was made all the worse by pain and stress. We gave him some good pain management and I was surprised to find only the single laceration, which closed up nicely. I was expecting a bit more "hamburger". It's a technical term. Use your imagination. Pain meds, antibiotics, e-collar, stitches out in 2 weeks.

     This was a serendipitous event - really, hear me out! - because I was able to confirm his kidneys and liver were healthy enough to start anti-inflammatory meds that can be continued for arthritis after the cut heals up. Might have just raised that dog's quality of life for good!