10.30.2016 Emergency, South Bay, CA

Case Count: 21

My first shift at the brand-new location in Mountain View! Sharp-lookin' place, I must say. There are a couple of minor to-do items and I couldn't help a couple of snarky pictures, it's just my nature :) The leash hooks are malfunctioning...

I'm bummed to be working Halloween. I will always treasure living on D Street in Petaluma, it was the only place I ever got to hand out Halloween candy. It was one of those streets where everyone goes all out and it got crazy crowded. I used to put my kitties in a spooky cage and buy roughly $1400 of candy to pass out. Kids loved petting the cats, who were dressed as vampires. One year, I wore my Batman mask - well, one of them - and my homemade cape. It's not a Batman cape, it's a Super D cape I made, because I'm adult and I get to create my own character and make myself a logo and put it on a shiny silk cape. I wore these with street clothes, which I don't mention to brag (ladies...), but to highlight how AMAZING it felt when a little girl came around the corner, looked up at me with huge surprised eyes, and said, "Mom...that's...the real...Batman." She was super impressed. And it felt awesome. I love this holiday.

Favorite Quotes

  • "How's THAT for a Vagina Monologue."

Case of the Day

13yo male neutered Cavalier King Charles
     This dog came in for vomiting eight times and straining to defecate without producing anything over the past two hours. He had a history of chronic heart disease (CKC's are predisposed to heart valve disease) and splenic disease. No known inciting event for the vomiting (toxins, trauma, wildlife exposure, other sick pets, travel, known foreign object ingestion or dietary indiscretion). On physical exam, he had severe abdominal pain - I'd touch his belly and he'd arch his back, whine, and tense his belly really hard. He had a very loud heart murmur and he was breathing rapidly, but his lungs sounded okay. Rectal exam showed an empty colon with mucus on the glove.  He had the standard dental disease and CKC facial abnormalities (bulging eyes, crowded teeth, etc). 

     The two big problems that jumped to mind were pancreatitis and a GI foreign object. Lots of other things could be going on, but it was important to rule out a surgical disease and a disease requiring aggressive treatment. The owner approved a blood test that confirmed pancreatitis, though that can develop secondary to a number of other problems, so xrays were still needed. Xrays showed some highly visible abnormalities, including mineralization throughout the liver and an abdominal mass. The liver mineralization isn't automatically concerning, it can happen as a benign age-related change, but it looks like it SHOULD be scary, you know?

     The owner elected symptomatic outpatient treatment, so we gave injections of pain meds, anti-nausea meds, antacid, fluids under the skin, GI motility stimulator, B-vitamins, broad-spectrum antibiotic, and a prescription of GI-specific antibiotic. Due to check in with the primary vet in the morning for likely continued inpatient care.