10.31.2016 Emergency, South Bay, CA

Case Count: 21

Happy Halloween! Please be safe. Please don't let your pets get into chocolate. Let's agree not to spend at least two hours and $400 handling that situation. 

That said, I am absolutely here to save the day if needed.

Case of the Day

1yo female spayed Yorkie mix
Chocolate ingestion...plus
     This happy little dog ate a small amount of milk chocolate Halloween candy. Not a lot, low risk. Her owners brought her in for decontamination to be on the safe side. No good deed goes unpunished, though. When we made her puke, we found a raisin, which is only problematic in a small number of dogs, but can cause life-threatening kidney failure in those few. Any exposure is an automatic recommendation for two days of hospitalization, fluids, labwork, and other jazz. Bummer, right?

     The owners elected more conservative outpatient treatment and will check in with their vet for recheck labwork tomorrow and the next day. SUCH A CUTE PUPPY.