10.6.2016 Emergency, South Bay, CA

Case Count: 8

I'm finally moved to Oakland! I LOVE my new neighborhood in the Laurel District - diverse, friendly, genuine community. Heather and I have gotten nearly completely unpacked, and the place is looking more and more like a home. We've made serious dents in our NSAID supply, due in no small part to a nasty back misalignment (subluxation of the left T4 facet) I developed installing a custom bookcase. Carrying that 250lb concrete table top to the second floor was also not awesome. 


Favorite Quotes

  • As I join five other people in the reception area - "I just though this space needed another person."
  • "I told him to get a picture of me and Selma Hayek, but he didn't recognize her and thought she was just some cousin of mine or something. In Paris." 

Case of the Day

11yo female spayed Shih Tzu
Congestive Heart Failure (CHF)
     When the left side of the heart fails to pump blood forward well, it gets backed up (congested) in the lungs. The increased blood pressure forces fluid into the lungs, which blocks oxygen absorption. This dog was breathing rapidly and with major effort to compensate, which is typical in late-stage failure. Other signs can include coughing, collapse, turning blue, and even death. Signs usually come on over time (days, weeks, months), but can develop suddenly. This little dog has a housemate that's got bad cancer, and the family lost a human member last year. She has recovered and will go home on meds, but we can't predict how rapidly the CHF will worsen. Very sweet owner, I enjoyed the opportunity to learn about her family and explain the mechanism and expectations for this disease.