10.7.2016 Emergency, South Bay, CA

Case Count: 12

While it sucks to go back to work after a week of moving, it's nice to not be actively moving after a week of moving. I LOVE being closer, though. Getting to go home with enough energy not to simply fall into bed is a real treat. Plus we have a kitchen again and heather makes bangin' lunches. Yummy spinach salad today.

Also, laceration repair!

Favorite Quotes

  • "We need to start a phone tree for everyone here who lives in the East Bay. 'It doesn't matter when you need to get to work, traffic is effed up, you got to leave NOW'."

Cases of the Day

15yo male intact Pitbull cross
Unable to walk, foul odor, dermatitis
     This case was a perfect example of why it's important not to make assumptions. From a distance, this dog appears similar to a neglected case. Even the history of "she looked much better a week ago" doesn't in itself dispel that possibility, because I've had many cases of clearly long-standing illness that owners either genuinely didn't notice or are being untruthful about. In this case, I got the sense that this dog has had a genuine decline over the past 7 days. Also, the owner put up several thousand dollars happily to diagnose and treat what we could, knowing that we may ultimately have to euthanize due to poor quality of life. My hope is that this sweet older gent dog has a nasty arthritis flare-up and has developed some skin and urinary problems secondary to being unable to walk around. I've seen patients, especially older patients, deteriorate catastrophically with no obvious bad disease within days. That's how I want to go - long life with a rapid drop-off at the end.