8.18.2016 Emergency, South Bay, CA

Case Count: 4

Favorite Quotes

  •  "Squirrell!"

Adolescent squirrel
Separated from mom for at least 36 hours
     Good Samaritan presented this cute little guy. He was weak, dehydrated, but yowled with a just-this-side-of-annoying piercing yelp. Gave him a warmy to snuggle on, some dextrose by mouth, then kitten formula by mouth, and some fluids under the skin (cue yowling). Did not too bad, went to Animal Control the next day. Not sure what they do with those in this county... In any case, I enjoyed channelling my inner bob Ross.

3yo male neutered Chihuahua mix
Choked on a large piece of steak
     Owners gave 10lb dog a 1lb steak (I'm exaggerating, but not by much) and he tried to swallow the whole thing. Fully choked - cyanosis (blue gums), frantic, urinating and defecating everywhere. Owner nearly drove through the front of the building pulling in and giving him to us. By the time he got to us, he was breathing just fine and mostly looked annoyed. Maybe stunned. Maybe both. Mom thinks she may have pushed the steak further down the radiologist mentioned a big chunk in the stomach that he speculated could be the steak. Discharged and he did great. Mom got bitten, though, so careful with your fingers in dogs' mouths, kids. 

8yo female spayed Lab
Acute sneezing
     Sneezing was present for about three days and was intermittent, now added a throat-clearing today. In warm seasons in California, this is a foxtail until proven otherwise. I didn't find a foxtail under sedation, but I did find a blade of grass in the left tonsilar crypt - a fold that the tonsil lives in. Better safe than sorry. Lost to follow-up, don't know if that solved it. 

4yo male neutered Lab
Ate "seafood" fertilizer
     Best resource for ALL toxin-related incidents is the ASPCA Poison Control Hotline. $70 consultation fee is WELL worth it. They have board certified toxicologists 24 hours a day and a database like you wouldn't believe. Most practitioners keep up to maybe five common toxins in our head at a time, this resource saves lives. This stuff was fairly benign, anticipated maybe some muscle stiffness/soreness the following day. Mold in the fertilizer is bigger risk. Made the bouncy guy puke, went home, did fine.