9.11.2016 Emergency, South Bay, CA


Case Count: 4

I hope today everyone finds connection. I appreciate loving and being loved by my family and friends. I'm grateful I'm alive and in a position to help people and animals. I hope to enrich the world the lives I get to share, even if briefly. 

Favorite Quotes

  • "I'm lucky, my lady takes good care of me. I don't deserve it." "None of us do."
  • "ANOTHER squirrel?" "'Tis the season."
  • "A Monoject 412." "A what?" A Monoject 412." "A what?" "Curve tip." "Oh. I've never heard anyone call it that." "I'm the only one, I forget."

Case of the Day

18yo female spayed Domestic Shorthair (DSH) cat
Recurrent UTI
     I had a rewarding conversation with a couple of owners today about their cat's suspected UTI. The particulars were convoluted and it took some serious interviewing to get a clear picture of the case. Once that was done, we had a good long chat about what might be going on, how we could find out what's going on, and how to proceed with treatment. It was one of those scenarios where the way forward could take several branches, and there isn't a clear "right" answer. The owners and I had to communicate clearly and articulate priorities to figure out the best plan for this pet at this moment. It felt amazing to see the spark of understanding on their faces, and to feel the team-building in a single conversation. They came to understand their cat's disease better, and, more importantly, had clear expectations about what could happen and how to respond appropriately. We came out of the room moving in the same direction and feeling on solid ground. Really proud of that.