9.2.2016 Emergency, South Bay, CA

Case Count: 7

Starting a stretch of four shifts in a row over the weekend. Ugh. 

Favorite Quotes

  • "How much coffee did the dog drink, ma'am? And what kind of coffee?" 
  • "What's with all the squirrels lately?" "Maybe it's squirrel season?" "It occurs to me that neither of us took that to mean squirrel-hunting season." 
  • "Do you have any questions?" "Nah, you talk good. We were saying you seem way on your game. I'm good."

11yo female spayed Maltese
Bleeding from dental extraction site
     Little dogs very frequently have crummy teeth and this little girl had had all over her upper teeth removed previously and several of her lowers today. One of the extraction sites wasn't stitched closed, which may be because it got torn out or because it wasn't placed (not all dental extraction sites need to be closed. Now that I think of it, mine weren't when I was a kid...). This dog also had a Mast Cell Tumor removed at the same time, and those can sometimes cause bleeding problems, but usually more locally. The owners declined a coagulation blood test and are just going to watch for further problems. Had us give the first pain med dose in hospital.

11yo male neutered Miniature Schnauzer
Acute limping, left rear leg
     His owner thinks maybe he hurt it playing around the contrsuction going on around the house. There wasn't anything too worrisome on physical exam, so the owner declined xrays and elected pain meds and cage rest. Unless something is partially torn or owrse, should get better over a few days. 

Baby Squirrel
Dehydration, hypothermia
     Eating from a syringe, but dehydrated and cold. Giving supportive care until Animal Control picks up in the am. UPDATE: This little guy died overnight :(

6-month-old female spayed Domestic Shirthair (DSH) Cat
Acute neurologic signs
     Owner is out of town, one of two kittens in the household started acting abnormally this afternoon. In young neuro cases, toxins (cannabis, owner meds, other drugs, things under the sink or rat/other bait) jump to the top of the list. Other possibilities include head trauma, infections, inflammatory problems, anatomic malformations, and some others. Two hours later, oh BTW, the owner's son apparently threw the cat yesterday and the owner just heard about it. 

7yo female spayed Chocolate Lab
     Acute bleeding from the mouth and ears, unable to stand, weakness. Labs show a low red blood cell count without evidence of ongoing replacement (nonregenerative anemia), low white blood cells (increases risk of infection), and life-threateningly low platelets (the reason she bleeding from her gums and bruising). This can happen when the immune system attacks the bone marrow or these cells/platelets directly, infection can do it, and cancer is possible. This case looks like immune-mediated based on her response to treatment. We gave a transfusion and started a slew of injectable meds, definitely needs to be hospitalized until she starts making her own cells/platelets again - sometimes a couple days, others over a week. Very cheerful, sweet dog considering how severe her illness is. After explaining the complicated disease, possibility if death, and multitude of contingencies with no guarantees, I asked, "Do you have any questions?" The owner, a rural gentleman with over $3,000 in cash in his pocket said, "Nah, you talk good. You make it make sense. We were saying you seem way on your game. I'm good."

5yo male neutered DSH
Urinary difficulty
     Possibly a partial obstruction, fairly common in male kitties, especially fat ones. He was treated on an outpatient basis earlier today with fluids, pain meds, and a muscle relaxer. His urine became bloody so mom returned. She elected to watch at home since the urinary bladder is small and nonpainful and sometimes inflammation alone can cause bloody urine without it meaning there's an obstruction. Next step would be to pass a catheter and hospitalize for at least 24 hours, no reason to do it for less time than that. 2 days would be better. 

4yo male neutered DSH
Lethargic, paws felt hot
     Cause of the signs not found, normal physical, temp, heart rate, respiratory rate. Labs showed nada. Owner took home to monitor.