9.23.2016 Emergency, South Bay, CA

Case Count: 10

Back at work after two weeks off. Had a great trip to Vancouver and am NOT in the mood for an early morning. I hate mornings. I hate mornings more than I can communicate. I'd say more than I can articulate, but I couldn't even express it through interpretive dance - I hate mornings.  

In other news, I have a new baby niece, who I met yesterday. Also, I'll be moving back to Oakland this month. VERY EXCITING TIMES. 

Favorite Quotes

  • "Good morning!" "That's an oxymoron."

Case of the Day

7yo female spayed Chihuahua
Penetrating wound to right eye
     This poor little Chihuahua ran directly into a piece of garden wire that the owner had to pull out of her face. The owner was unable to see what was injured initially, but upon presentation, the right eye was bulging most of the way out of its socket and had bloody tears. Luckily, the globe was still behind the eyelids, and there appeared only to be surface damage. I suspect the wire penetrated just to the side of the eye and caused bleeding that pushed the globe outward. Sometimes we have to replace the globe behind the lids, sew the eyelids shut, or even remove the globe (enucleation), but this time we got away with pain meds, antibiotics, and a plastic cone-of-shame. The dog was so sweet and affectionate throughout handling, even before pain meds. Time will tell as the swelling subsides whether there was permanent damage to sight, ocular muscles (causing a lazy eye), or whether the globe will settle back into position without surgery. We try to avoid taking a globe out unless it's painful or causing other problems, even if it's blind or doesn't work right.