9.27.2016 Emergency, South Bay, CA

Case Count: 7

I still hate mornings. This was in no way improved by getting caught in the middle of a couple first-thing-in-the-morning communication errors beyond my control.  

There's a big fire raging in the Santa Cruz mountains, and it dominated the skyline on my way home from work. Reminds me of the Oakland Fire that claimed my childhood home in 1991. The smoke was ironically beautiful in the evening sun. 

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Had a smoke-inhalation and a near-drowning patient today (one of each). Those aren't all that common.

Favorite Quotes

  • "We were discussing words that don't mean quite what you think they mean and Google is telling me I'm full of shit." 
  • "Thank God for Derek!" "Somebody heard you say that, right? Did someone hear her say that? I need a witness."

Cases of the Day

6-month-old female intact Terrier mix
Traumatic brain injury
     Went home subdued and reluctant to eat without coaxing, but otherwise doing great!

6yo male neutered Shepherd mix
Grape ingestion
     Most dogs do just fine with grapes, but every once in a while, even a single raisin/grape can cause life-threatening kidney failure. So a lunch turned into a recommendation for 3 days of hospitalization and supportive care just in case. Luckily, this dog had been previously exposed with no problems, so the risk is low. Made the dog puke 'em up, gave fluids, gave activated charcoal (messy), and sent home. DELIGHTFUL Italian gentleman owner. So lovely.