9.28.2016 Emergency, South Bay, CA

Case Count: 7

Have I mentioned how much I hate mornings? I hate them intensely. He says with sagging eyelids...

The move is really happening. Tomorrow my apartment will be packed up, and the next day I'll be living in a different city. Strange how life happens seemingly TO you. Yeah, I made the decisions, but jeepers, life is shifty.

Favorite Quotes

  • "Okay, Doctor, thank you, I wanted to talk to you because you gave me peace of mind yesterday." 

Cases of the Day

7yo male neutered Cockapoo
Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca (KCS)
     Kerato = cornea = surface of the eye. Conjunctiva = the delicate pink tissue under the eyelids. -itis = inflammation. Sicca = dry. KCS = Dry Eye. Most often, caused by the immune system attacking the tear glands. Without tears, the eye dries out, becomes painful, can become infected, and can lose its clarity. This dog came in with mostly-closed eyes from squinting and lots of gunky material in/around his eyes. Signs present for 7 days...so painful. Luckily, no apparent damage to the cornea, so should heal up with eye drops that suppress the immune response (cyclosporine). Interestingly, the same drug is used in pill form to treat skin allergies in dogs and is given to human transplant patients to lower the risk of immune-rejection of the new organ. To continue the etymology geek-out, the brand name of cyclosporine for skin allergies is "Atopica," because it treats "atopic dermatitis." Atopic = no skin. Derm- = skin. -itis = inflammation. Atopic dermatitis = No skin skin inflammation. It refers to the fact that the skin fails to perform its barrier function, allowing pollen/dust/mold/airborne particles to penetrate and trigger the immune system. Fascinating stuff.