9.9.2016 Emergency, South Bay, CA

Case Count: 2

I was greeted at work today by a thank-you card from a client. It included a note that we forgot to charge the client for administering a medication while his pet was here, and asked that we charge it to his credit card. Good people are great. On my first pass through the ward, I left a kennel with a blanket in front of it undisturbed, only to find out a few minutes later that someone had brought in an egret! 

Favorite Quotes

  • "Housekeepiiiiiing...housekeepiiiiiiiiiiing!"

Case of the Day

10-month-old female intact Poodle mix
Diarrhea for 11 days
     Rush right in! Symptomatic treatment, fecal test pending. Only actual case of the day. Fun. Stuff.